Support for Peoria County Board Position

by Diane Vespa, Peoria, IL

Although I cannot vote for Rachael Parker in a Democratic primary, I still very much support her in her bid for County Board.

As I lobbied aggressively for changes within District 150 (School Board), Rachael Parker was one of the few board members who addressed regularly the concerns of parents and taxpayers.

Many times I would call her at home. She would always return my calls and I always felt she was truthful and transparent.

Most importantly, she always kept the needs of children and families first. I believe she would bring these same qualities to the Peoria County Board.

Please join me in supporting Rachael Parker for County Board.

More Support for Peoria County Board Position

by State Rep. Constance A. “Connie” Howard, 34th District of Illinois

Unfortunately, I am not a resident of that political sub-division. However, if I lived in that locale, I would be totally supportive and work to encourage others to be so as well.

Having spoken to the candidate and heard about the issues she has intentions of addressing when elected, I am convinced that her overall objective is one that will result in improvement of the quality of life for her constituents.

I wish her well and I hope that area voters will make hers a resounding victory on February 2nd.

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