Helping People Find Their Own Best Answers

Debbie Delgado

Debbie Delgado isn’t hesitant to ask thought provoking questions of her clients. The questions are personal and sometimes poignant, and definitely ones that require much more than one-word answers. One of her goals is to help people live joyful and prosperous lives as they discover their answers to the life-changing questions she asks.

An IdealLife Coach, Debbie’s mission is to “help clients create lives they love.” She’s been a private coach since March of 2006. Prior to that, she was a Leadership Development Coach at State Farm Insurance where she spent 16 years. She’s also provided drug prevention counseling and education at Project Oz in Bloomington Illinois. “I’ve been training and facilitating for over 20 years. My specialty has always been creating and providing workshops that are highly interactive – again, honoring the fact that people truly have their own best answers and solutions inside of them.” She believes her job is to help people learn to uncover those answers.

So what are some of the questions she asks? Are you in love with your life? Do you feel your life has meaning? What are you here to achieve? Is this the kind of work you are supposed to be doing? How can you serve others rather than how can you get money from them?

Debbie says she is here to serve and she does it through coaching. She believes all are here to serve the planet and that is accomplished by doing work they love. It’s the introspection that sometimes trips people up initially as the busyness of everyday life doesn’t always allow for ongoing self-renewal and conscious considerations. One way to help encourage thoughtful responses to life’s choices is to create accountability. Debbie recommends finding someone to be accountable to, and always continue learning and growing.

Even as a life coach herself, she has her personal coach. “I’m in a state of continual self-development,”she says. “When people don’t have clarity, they’ve lost a connection. I help them tap into the right side of the brain and help them reconnect.”

The coaching she does to help empower people, she defines as a: “powerful partnership that allows you to uncover the incredible inner wisdom that resides within you to create the life you want. It combines the best of mentoring, consulting, and counseling techniques to take successful, high-functioning people to the next level in life. Coaching can be applied to any life area, such as career, finance or spiritual development.”

She explains she’s been trained to listen to people at the intuitive level, “beyond the words and nonverbals.” Debbie meets by phone with clients weekly. Sessions last 45 minutes. She says the phone meetings are very convenient for her clients to schedule into their workday, and more importantly, “extremely conducive to the deepest levels of listening.” She adds, “I listen at more of a heart level. You connect at a totally different level when you don’t see the person. When we see someone, we start making assessments based on physical appearances.” She says only one or two perspective clients, out of a few hundred, haven’t hired her because she doesn’t do face-to-face coaching. Even her assistant lives in Los Angeles, and she and Debbie have never met.

In addition to phone sessions, she presents workshops, does networking, and maintains a mailing list. “I also get lots of referrals,” she says, all effective ways of reaching potential clients. “The less time I have to spend marketing, the more time I have to spend serving,” she explains. She does group or individual coaching. “It depends on how much a person wants to invest.”By hiring her, clients have made a commitment of time and money.

The mother of a teenage daughter and son, Debbie, 46, lives in Bloomington with her partner of 17 years. She emphasizes the importance and value of continual growth in her life, and says being an entrepreneur came to her later in life. “I never wanted to be the one in charge.” She also says for many years, she was “cynical, pessimistic, and sarcastic.” The book, You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay began her transformation.

“I’m going to grow myself so I can help more people,” she says. And she emphasizes that she is not a therapist. “I work with successful, well-functioning people. Therapy is intended to help bring up people who are not at a normal functioning level.”

Debbie’s vocabulary is filled with references to serving, reconnecting, finding your authenticity, and expanding your consciousness. “Part of my purpose is to inspire others. I can help you uncover your power, your passion, and your purpose.

Debbie can be reached by calling 1.866.556.4565 or emailing: Her website is:

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