Preckshot Professional Pharmacy Has Been Compounding in the Peoria Area Since 1981

Back in the “olden days,” prescriptions and medicines were prepared specifically for you either by your doctor or your local pharmacist. As the times became more modernized, pharmacies no longer prepared or compounded your medicines.

As the saying goes, “what’s old is new again” and we now see the return of compounding pharmacies. Peoria has had such a company since 1981 when Preckshot Professional Pharmacy was established by John Preckshot, RPh. From 1981 until 2006 this practice resided in the Professional Building at Proctor Hospital. Over those years, it developed a reputation as a premier compounding pharmacy in central Illinois. They enjoyed success as their reputation grew throughout the Peoria area.

In 2006, the pharmacy moved to a larger location, offering a state-of-the art 795-compliant compounding laboratory and a 797-compliant clean room, as well as a much-expanded nutritional and health education facility for its patients.

In 2008, Preckshot merged its practice with Wade and Jennifer Siefert’s downstate compounding practice, further expanding its patient and practitioner base throughout Illinois.

Not only are all three pharmacists fully licensed and credentialed, they also received further specialized education and training in the area of custom compounding. Not all pharmacists are trained in this area. John Preckshot has also achieved a further degree as a Certified Clinical Nutritionist. “It is important to note that education and training must be ongoing, as information, research, and therapies in the area of custom compounding rapidly expands. Our three pharmacists combined receive more than 150 hours of continuing education each year, specific to the compounding specialty. As well, laboratory technicians participate in ongoing training and certification,” explains Jennifer Siefert.

There are many examples as to how valuable it is to have such a specialized compounding pharmacy in our Peoria area. When asked for specific examples, Siefert shared several: “Hospice patients rely on custom-made medications to allow them to remain at home and be cared for during the last stage of life. Pediatric patients are another large group that we have the privilege to care for. Infants and children often need medications specially made for them that do not exist commercially, that without compounding, they would not have access to in an appropriate strength or dosage form. Patients with allergies or sensitivities to certain ingredients or fillers may have difficulties using commercially-produced medicines. They require custom formulations to be free of preservatives, dyes, fillers, sugar, alcohol, gluten, casein, and many offenders that are intolerable. We have the ability to tailor-make their medications in those instances. Veterinary patients commonly require customized medications. Household companion animals, such as dogs, cats, hamsters, bunnies, ferrets, and even rats all need individualized medications. But did you realize that exotic animals also have special needs? Preckshot Professional Pharmacy is the compounder for the Peoria Zoo, as well as other zoos around the state of Illinois.” Who knew?  Certainly not this reporter!

They even prepare their own exclusive custom compounds such as DIPL cream for inflammation and pain, GKCKA cream for shingles, Red Bug Revenge for red/raised/and itchy skin due to bug bites or rash of any sort – particularly poison ivy, Poison Ivy Prevention – an oral tincture to prevent outbreak to poison ivy in sensitive individuals, Vira Zinc Lozenges to take care of cold and flu viruses, Nasty Nails to brush onto affected toenails infected by fungus, and many more.

The pharmacists at Preckshot are also regularly engaged in patient education through numerous programs they conduct in the community as well as in physician offices. “Preckshot Professional Pharmacy believes highly in wellness and taking care of good health,” explains Siefert. “We would prefer to teach patients how to maintain and enhance good health, rather than treating disease once it happens.”

A wide variety of health subjects are available for these programs, and they are ongoing. According to Siefert, “We also offer small intimate groups the opportunity to schedule evening events in the pharmacy, focused on specific topics of interest. Whether it be large group events out in the community, a physician and staff program in their office, an evening group in the pharmacy, we are always willing to share information and help bring people to better health. We are often invited to speak at various group meetings throughout the community.”

Preckshot Professional Pharmacy is located in Peoria Heights at 4450 N. Prospect Road, #7. Contact them at 309-679-2047.

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