The Tax Deadline Looms!

Are taxes causing you anxiety? Even with the extended tax deadline, April 18 will be here sooner than you think. Seeking professional tax help may be your best option.

Jackson Hewitt Area Manager Mary Jo Roberts says that Jackson Hewitt has been preparing for tax season since last October. The company’s tax school runs from October through November.

The IRS passed a law this year stating that all professional tax preparers must be schooled and certified to prepare taxes. Jackson Hewitt has done this since before Roberts joined the company seven years ago.

These classes are open to the public. Roberts encourages all taxpayers to consider taking this course.

Jackson Hewitt then trained the students through December.

The first big wave of tax preparation began on January 1. Roberts says the first wave extends through February.

The second wave starts around this time. It starts at the end of March and runs all the way until the deadline on April 18.

Jackson Hewitt does a lot to help Peoria’s residents make sure they get their taxes prepared on time, especially near the deadline.

The office stays open until midnight the nights of April 17 and 18. During this time, the company also donates $5 for every set of taxes prepared to Feed the Hungry of Peoria.

Roberts had some tips for those who still have to file their taxes.

“The main thing is to make an attempt not to procrastinate. What happens when you procrastinate is generally you’re going to forget something.”

She also urged that clients should consider professional help with their taxes.

“We know taxes. That’s what we do for a living,” Roberts said. “I wouldn’t say come to me for brain surgery because I don’t know how to do that.”

Roberts says online tax filing engines, such as TurboTax, work only if you know what you are doing. Taxpayers just have to be cautious not to make mistakes.

“If you find yourself stopping to question the data you’re going to enter, that’s the time to seek a professional.”

Along with the professional support, Jackson Hewitt entered the digital age of technology. Pages on Facebook and Twitter keep clients up to date with the company.

Also Jackson Hewitt has created a way to text cell phones when your refund is available. They text special offers and tax tips as well.

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