Zero Degrees of Separation: A Movie Group at Landmark’s Peoria Theater

Zero Degrees of Separation, the brainchild of Todd Ernest Nelson and avid supporter Stella Link, is a new group that has been established at Landmark’s Peoria Theater. Other supporters, Scott Jackson, Josh Starkey, and many others from Nelson’s circle of friends have helped begin a small following for Zero Degrees. They are interested in having any movie enthusiasts attend this event to have fun and enjoy many types of movies.

The format, a chain leading from one movie to the next, is something that Todd Nelson truly has enjoyed. As a current member of this group, I have enjoyed our showings since its former location and am looking forward to seeing movies that jump from one actor or director to the next. Zero Degrees recently found its new home at Peoria Theater, it’s truly a great beginning for a free movie arena, while the group encourages buying concessions to give back to Peoria Theater.

Luke McCann from Peoria Theater has helped to launch Zero Degrees in one of his theaters every other Sunday at 2:00 pm.  His willingness to help host this group is a wonderful addition to Peoria Theater’s lineup. McCann does a fantastic job with his dedication to showcase a variety of films that the Peoria area would not normally get to see at any other theater. Peoria Theater is located in the back of Landmark Cinemas and shows independent as well as foreign films on a regular basis. Their facebook group, Zero Degrees of Separation: (, allows people to discuss what types of movies to possibly view in the future.

The group’s first movie showing, “The World of Henry Orient,” began a mission to showcase movies in a format by cast members or musicians from each film shown. In addition, the next film “The Parallax View” will be shown on Sunday, July 3rd, at 2:00 p.m. “The Parallax View” from Director Alan J. Pakula shows a reporter played by Warren Beatty getting involved indirectly in the investigation of a senator’s assassination, which leads to conspiracy.  To learn more about the movie, check out: and contact Peoria Theater for additional information on Zero Degrees of Separation.

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