A Midwest Haunting Scares Up Ghost Sightings in Macomb, IL Area

Tim Weaver, founder of A Midwest Haunting, holds ghost tours throughout Macomb, Illinois and various areas to educate others on the paranormal. His tour program includes two new students this year from Western Illinois University, Corinne Perkins and Kaitlyn Perchalski. This group is a great opportunity, especially during Halloween, for ghost hunters to learn about equipment and the best moments to look for spirit activity.

The veteran guides involved are Dr. Rich Gee and Dr. Shana Porteen, both Western Illinois University professors with interest in the paranormal and enthusiasm to help in the activities of this paranormal group. The awesome part about these tours is that they give Macomb residents an opportunity to be involved in ghost hunting, an opportunity that might not be available to them without this program. Thus, the eagerness of the tour guides is apparent in their history of giving tours and the local tour destinations they offer.

Weaver’s tour group website, A Midwest Haunting, and their facebook page by the same name speak of ghost photos at their events as well as sightings of ghosts and orbs. The group is hosting a series of tours coming up on October 14th , 15th, 21st,  22nd in Macomb, IL as well as 28th and 29th in Blandinsville, Illinois that will cover the Blandinsville Schoolhouse.

Weaver states, “We’re really excited about the new season. The tours have found amazing success. We give avid ghost hunting fans an opportunity to do what they see on their favorite shows. After a brief opener explaining how to use our tools YOU become the ghost hunter.”

Tours last approximately two hours with a fee of 13 dollars per person when arriving at the tour. The website suggests to show up 15 minutes early and to bring flashlights as well as cameras. Tim and his group explain what to do during these outings and then guests search for paranormal sightings as a group or separate. Tim has been working running tours for six years and the group has viewed many cases of ghosts, orbs and things they cannot explain.

Weaver remarks, “We guide you through dark buildings sharing their rich history while searching for paranormal activity…We meet for all tours at 7:00 p.m. and at the Macomb portion we meet at the Sullivan Taylor Coffeehouse. For more information or to make reservations please call: 309-333-4133 or e-mail us at twfreefly@gmail.com.”

Overall, the dedication these tour guides have to the paranormal makes A Midwest Haunting an amazing opportunity especially during the Halloween season. Be sure to check out A Midwest Haunting on facebook and http://www.amidwesthaunting.com/ for added information.

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