Musings for December

Here it is the last column of the year and it seems like I just wrote the first one last month. It has been an eventful, exhausting and draining spiritually in so many ways. Both Jason and I have been in and out of the hospital with nothing very serious fortunately until last month when Jason had to have his left, big toe amputated. It was our greatest trauma by far, but I am so thankful that it wasn’t any worse. We both do really have something to be very thankful this Thanksgiving, and we both know it!

He is getting around very well. He’s no longer using a cane and is able to do a lot. He is hoping that more of his customers call him to do jobs, because he does have a friend helping him who can do all the things he can’t do. And, of course, he needs the money with the holidays coming. I am still helping him out with washing his clothes, because I know it is hard for him to go up and down the basement stairs where his washer and dryer are. I’ve been going down at least once a day to see what I can do to help him out. I am trying to get him to stay off his feet as much as possible because I know how hard it is, and I want him to heal as fast as possible. I’m proud of how well he’s taking care of himself.

Of course it is a little hectic and my house is a pit because I am trying to help him out instead of cleaning my own. But I will be able to catch up when he is better. He will get a prosthetic shoe after three months, so he will be able to do everything. I know he is really looking forward to that. It has already been a month, so time does go by pretty fast.

The two of us will be going to our church for Thanksgiving as we do every year. It is so much easier when you have no family close. Jack and I used to do it on a regular basis. And it is also a way to get a really wonderful gourmet meal because everyone fixes their favorite and best dish. We all look forward to it. I will also be participating in another Thanksgiving meal at The Center which we prepare for our clients and their children, both those in the shelter and in outreach. Miss Evelyn, my coworker, and I went to the store to buy needed items today. When we got back to The Center we learned that a church had donated seventeen turkeys. None will go to waste though because there are always those that need a meal and can use the help.

It is very rewarding even though a lot of work to prepare a meal for all of our clients. We anticipate that we may have around seventy five for dinner on Wednesday. Many of the staff and others pitch in, so our biggest task is to cook the turkey, peel the potatoes, make dressing and prepare the basics, while many provide desserts, drinks, relishes, etc. Much like our church it is most enjoyable to come together in community and fellowship and share with others. I hope all of you have as Pleasant and Blessed Day.!

I continue to go to the RiverPlex on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for a water exercise class and enjoy it very much. It starts my day off well and I feel much better after going. It is different than the YWCA. Not better or worse, just different, and I am so glad I am able to do this. I hope to start working out on some of the machines soon, since I would like to build more upper body strength. That seems to be the area where we lose strength as we grow older.  At least I have. I discovered this one day last summer while working in the yard. I had dug a hole to plant something and lost strength in my arms and fell face first in the hole. I had difficulty pushing myself up with my arms and had visions of lying in the yard for a couple days with my head in a hole. Fortunately I was able to get up, but decided right then to work on upper body strength.

I have really got in to a phase where I am reading mysteries. I find them enjoyable, suspenseful and sometimes very humorous depending on the author. I’ve read The Sinner by Tess Gerrotsen, All the Pretty Hearses by Many Daheim, Shockwave by John Sanford, 61 Hours by Cecil, and Zombies of the Gene Pool by Sharyn McCrumb. Because much of my reading is done in bed just before I fall asleep I find this kind of literature interesting and easy to pick up and read after letting it go for a period. None of it is great literature, but it relaxes me and provides me with a type of spiritual practice that is both informative and unusual.

This is a short column tonight because l had to return to work to finish it since I have no computer at home at this point. I hope to remedy that soon. Hope you had a Great Turkey Day!

Joanne Fought

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