Zero Degrees of Separation Movie Group Shows The Muppet Movie at the Pekin Public Library: A Positive Movie to Begin the Holiday Season

Zero Degrees of Separation Movie Group has moved its showing of “The Muppet Movie” to December 10th at 10:30 a.m. -1:00 p.m. in the Pekin Library Conference Room.

This showing starts the beginning of the movie group’s new venue, new day, and new timeslot for growth as well as development of new members to the group. The option for the “Muppet Christmas Carol” is available for the next showing and the group consistently takes suggests as long as they are linked from the previous movie. Other options are listed on the group’s Facebook and anyone can contribute an idea of a new movie to show.

The movie is absolutely free and the main members showing the film: Todd Nelson, founder, Stella Link and Scott Jackson showcase movies connected together by actor, director, screenwriter or any other counterpart. Thus, the films jump from one film to the next in an effort to showcase different types of films. The movement to the library is exhibiting a change of direction for the group in an effort to make it friendlier for all ages to join in.

“The Muppet Movie” is a fantastic jumping off point for the group, which has been running since starting in 2010 at Illinois Central College and then movie for a brief stint at Peoria Theater, which closed earlier this fall. The Pekin Public Library has been willing to host the group’s activities, which is a wonderful place to host a movie and bring in other members wanting to discuss movies.

For more information on this group, visit the Zero Degrees of Separation facebook at: and RSVP if you have a facebook account for this event via the link here: Also, hit Like to join the Zero Degrees of Separation community at:

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