Grammie’s Words of Wisdom and Love

Dear Jensen Reed,

When you are old enough to understand, I will tell you of the absolute joy that greeted your early arrival January 27th. Literally hundreds of people have prayed for you, my dear grandson, even before you were conceived. Surely Heaven has a special area where prayers petitioning to have a baby are treasured. Such requests are pure and not for personal fame or fortune. They are asking that a precious baby be allowed to grace a family with his or her presence. We rejoiced when we learned we would be privileged to share in the awesome gift of your life. From the moment we knew of your presence inside your Mommy, prayers were said for your well-being. Those prayers multiplied many times as complications occurred. Doctor’s visits were coupled with mixtures of anxiety and relief. Every time your Mom felt a twinge or unusual discomfort, there was concern you would arrive too soon. But with her dedication, and excellent medical care, and everyone “telling” you not to hurry to enter the world, the miracle happened. You arrived a bit early but beautifully formed and with few complications.

Life for you right now, sweet Jensen, revolves around one aspect, your personal comfort. You have no concern for anyone or anything else. You are just weeks old so such self-centeredness is acceptable. But only for a limited time because eventually you must realize you are part of the world, not the center of it. It’s easier for you if you learn that lesson early on. Your six-year-old sister, Emma, will be a great teacher on that issue and many others. Right now she is enchanted with you and eager to have you as a playmate. Enjoy the attention because you won’t always be in her good graces even though I’m certain she’ll always love you.

Sadly not all babies have people lining up to hold them, and family and friends thrilled with their arrival. You will someday discover how to best share such love and good fortune with others. Those who are blessed abundantly in life must give in like measure.

The world changes so quickly that your loved ones wonder what new discoveries will be part of your reality. But even with myriad technological advances none of them will take the place of a smile, a hug, family dinners, a walk in the sunshine or a puppy to play with. Instant can be convenient, but time, attention and devotion are best for nurturing. There’s room in your life, Jensen, for a wide assortment of traditions and the latest inventions.

Give yourself the pleasure of knowing and enjoying differences in people also. Each person is unique with interesting characteristics. Sometimes we can help them discover their individuality, but be careful not to dismiss someone as unworthy of your time. And never pass judgment based on outward appearances. Embrace life with faith, compassion, and a sense of wonder.

Jensen, I will always keep you in my thoughts and prayers, just as I do your sister and cousins. I will especially ask for the grace of good health to allow me to watch you grow up and share insights and special times with you. Always know, sweet child, how much you were wanted.

I love you,


Sandra Dempsey Post

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