Login to your computer from anywhere

I love the internet and the giving nature of the web. I don’t mean giving viruses although that does happen. I mean software companies sharing their software for free! Many software companies will provide a stripped down version of their software for free. People will try them out then realize they do not mind paying for the upgrades or others will just go about using the free version that fits their needs.

One of my favorite free programs is called LogMeIn at LogMeIn.com. This program allows you to access your computer from anywhere. The program can be downloaded and installed on your computer. Then, you simply login to a website (logmein.com) from another location, enter a username and password and click the computer you want to open. Your login information is linked to computers that you have registered with LogMeIn’s network.

Have you ever been out of town and needed to access your computer? Maybe you are at a family gathering and want to show off your vacation pictures. Say you wanted to email a file to someone but the file was on your computer at home. Use your friend’s computer, go to the website, LogMeIn.com and login to your account with your username and password, select your home computer, email the file to whoever you like, and log out. You are done!

There are paid versions of this program that you can upgrade to that allows you to automate tasks and support other computers. But for home users, the free version works just fine. I like to use this program to access my own computer as well as my family. If they are having issues with their computer, I can login and see their screen. In addition, it’s a great way to train clients on their websites or various programs that they want to learn; all without leaving the comforts of our homes.

If you are looking for a good way to access your computer from anywhere, this may be the program for you. There isn’t much of a security risk since you need to register your computers with LogMeIn.com and install the software on your computers. Eventually, if you decide the program isn’t for you, simply un-install it from your computer.

I hope you take LogMeIn.com for a spin and see what you think. In my opinion, it’s one of the best computer tools a person can use… for free!

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