Technology Tools for Fitness

How many of you have stuck to your New Years goal of getting fit this year? At the gym, we see so many people joining and actually coming to classes the first few months of the year but the business usually tapers off around mid-March. People start to fall back into their old routine or get busy. But there are some great technology tools to help keep us on track all year round.


This website is much like the Weight Watchers online site but free. You only need to set up an account. It will help you keep track of your exercise and calorie burn as well as your calorie intake with food and drinks. Your favorite food isn’t listed? No problem, simply add it to your account and it will be there next time. I like the fitness calculator. Select the exercise you are doing, the amount of time doing it, and the intensity. The program will calculate the calories you have burned. I compared this with my heart rate monitor and it’s pretty accurate. There is also a nice social network included in the website for support from friends or bragging to connections. The site also has a mobile app for you smart phone users.


Almost every week, Freedom Fitness on YouTube adds a demonstration video of different exercises you can do yourself. The trainers help us with everything from core exercise to intervals. They show you the proper way to do the exercises and give tips on nutrition, etc. Most of the videos are pretty short but there is plenty to look at so you can fit in a good workout watching a few of these to get you started. Again, all of this for free!

3. has a number of free podcasts and videos of fitness lessons – from Yoga to Running. Like the other two sites, this is a great resource that is easy on the pocketbook. There are plenty of free videos on almost any exercise you want to do. While you are there, download some music for your workouts.

Keep these tools on hand to help with your fitness goals. I’m sure we can still find excuses not to exercise but think of how much better you will feel.

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