Dress up your computer

Are you like me and spend a lot of time at your computer? I estimate about 75% of my waking hours are at my computer. Since I spend so much time here earning a living, I’ve tried to be more productive and comfortable with a standing desk and music close by. Most days I am pretty busy but once in a while I like to change things up. Cleaning my office would be a nice change but changing the looks of my computer is more fun and less taxing.

Why keep that old boring blue computer background when you can have beautiful pictures? Here is a link that will give you some great pictures to use for backgrounds.


Keep in mind you can use any picture for your background image. If you are using Windows 7 simply right click on a picture on your computer and select “set as desktop background”. It’s a lot of fun finding pictures and rotating them.

Currently on my computer, my daughters have desktop icons on their lovely faces. I smile each time I see it.

What about your cursor? Your cursor is that white arrow that points to things when you are clicking around on your computer. Be careful when downloading these free cursors. Sometimes they can cause issues with your computer and clog up your system. Here is one that is relatively safe and free.


CursorFX has several cursors to choose from and the free version gives you a lot of choices. Some people might find these annoying if you spend a lot of time in front of the computer. Most people use their computer for fun so these are a way of dressing up your computer. You can switch these cursors out whenever you like, and CursorFX has a nice video to show you how.

Making your computer your own by customizing it makes it more fun to use. In addition, each computer user can customize their own settings. Both of these items are free so try it and see if you like having your computer personalized.

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