Community Word purchased by local group

newsbriefsFor only the fifth time since 1977, Community Word is changing ownership. The newspaper started in 1977 as the West Bluff Word, and it survived through four owners and turmoil in the newspaper industry. Its roots are in the Peoria community. Strengthening neighborhoods and community has been and will continue to be part of the paper’s core mission. The new owners are a group of local people who believe in independent journalism and strength through diversity. Our backgrounds range from journalism to health care, teaching to social services. We look forward to living up to the commitment of past owners:

* Founded in 1977 by Pat Kenny, JoAnn Thomas and Judy Stalling; run by Kenny until 1988

* Jack Fought and Joe Misiewicz, Bradley University professors, 1988 – 1994

* Bob Renner, 1994 – 2000

* Deb Adlof, 2000 – 2014

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