Can a woman be president? Should a woman be president?

Yes, I definitely think women are capable of world leadership, and we ought to give women the chance because we need change.

I was raised by three strong women, so I grew up with women in leadership roles, and I’ve observed how they think.

My twin brother and I pushed boundaries growing up, but we lived with often-repeated rules that still apply today. My mother, my aunt (who filled in as our grandmother) and my cousin Arnetta were great role models in our household. My mom was a single woman raising twins on her own. She taught us right from wrong and we pretty much stayed out of trouble. She kept us in church, prayed and kept the parenting positive. Sometimes, we thought she was our dad when she whooped our butts. LOL. But there was a lot of kindness in our house. That shaped me. I’m a CNA working third shift from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. three nights a week. You’ve got to be caring and kind in this work. You’ve got to be in this to help people.

My cousin Arnetta was a big sister to us. She always told us to think first because there are consequences to every action.

My mother’s sister, Ms. Ginny (Nailing) was our aunt, and we also referred to her as our grandma. She always talked about education, going to summer school, having a voice, speaking up. Ms. Ginny also instilled in us the importance of voting. My brother and I are 37 now and we always, always vote. I’m applying to be an election judge this year, and I’d like to be a delegate at some point.

Probably half of my friends tell me they don’t vote because they say it won’t make any difference. But if they don’t vote, don’t speak up, don’t express themselves, then they guarantee their opinion won’t matter.

OK, this is my opinion and it will be my vote: I think Hillary Clinton would be good as our first woman president. Like the women I observed growing up, she thinks before she makes drastic decisions. She works for people. Bernie talks about a revolution. Hillary has spent her life working on a revolution. We need someone to carry on the good work of President Obama and she speaks often about how she intends to do that.

Some people say that if President Obama has a lot of trouble getting his programs through Congress, Hillary will have even more trouble because she’s a woman. Well, I can tell people the women who raised me were never held back and never stopped working because they were women. I’m ready to see change in this country. We need to continue the change President Obama began, and Ms. Hillary will continue change that helps all people, not just some people.

Being a woman should not disqualify her. Being a woman does not necessarily qualify her. Her qualifications:

Ms. Hillary Clinton is 68 and was elected to the U.S Senate in 2001. She was First Lady during her husband’s presidency. She was our 67th U.S Secretary of State, serving from 2009 until 2013. She’s a graduate of Wellesley College and Yale law school.

I think it’s time for some change in this country and a woman president with those qualifications will bring needed change.


Chaz Stuckey

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