Being Thankful

On April 11, I was pallbearer for my first and only God daughter Artiana Faith Parker. I was the last person to carry her. It was an honor, and it was a great sadness.

Artiana was just 1½ pounds and only lived for six weeks. She looked like a beautiful baby doll.

So many thoughts were going through my head as I carried her. I believe her life served a purpose and it was complete. I thanked God for my own healthy kids, but questions still filled my mind. Why? Wasn’t she too young? What if it had been my kids? What if it had been me?

It’s easy to grieve too hard. It’s easy to look around and see people who grieved too hard and turned to alcohol. But that won’t help with grief. My road is to remind myself not to take life for granted and be thankful for every morning.

I work two jobs and take care of my kids and family. I don’t take anything for granted and try to live life fully. Everything happens for a reason. Stay positive.

My Aunt Ginny Nailing died in November but I can still hear her urging me to stay positive, speak up, stay involved.

Sometimes during times of grief, my aunt’s voice becomes louder.





Chaz Stuckey

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