For those who dislike, perhaps even hate, Aaron Schock and that includes the radical left wingers at the Peoria Journal, it had to be painful to accept the federal grand jury’s decision not to indict the former Congressman. Hell, the newspaper had him going to the electric chair and others in our loving community had many of his staff spending time in federal prison in Marion, Illinois.

Reporter Andy Kravetz called the investigation of Schock a scandal, though no charges had been filed against him even after a year and a half. One local radio reporter even refused to announce the news of Schock’s “victory.” Not once, by the way, did they call the Hillary Clinton investigation a scandal, but then she’s a Democrat and Schock a Republican. The newspaper’s bashing and sometime smearing of Republicans has become standard practice by our local paper, ala Mayor Jim Ardis, former city councilman Bob Manning, former District 150 school board member Alicia Butler and Judge Steve Kouri. Perhaps that has something to do with declining subscriptions and alleged financial challenges making the Journal, especially on Sundays, more of a “shopper” than a newspaper. Yet, I remain a subscriber because it is the best and most comprehensive sources of local news.

Let’s face it, reading the obituary pages is mandatory and despite the obvious love by those in the sports department for the St. Louis Cardinals, I enjoy searching for baseball scores and details about Cub wins they usually bury behind irrelevant stories. Anyway, Schock is apparently “free” although Kravetz kept saying another grand jury “could” (his word for “hoping”) investigate the Republican on other charges. Since defenders of the “careless” Hillary Clinton cite the cost of numerous investigations of the presidential nominee’s handling of emails, classified secrets, destruction of possible evidence, Benghazi, false stories regarding a video, one wonders what it cost taxpayers for the past 18 months to uncover no indictable evidence against Schock or any members of his Republican staff. Did I see egg on Andy’s face? Oh well, it’s back to reporting gossip      about a local judge.


How sad it is to read quotes from anti-Trump Republicans like Ohio Governor John Kasich and others. You never see such behavior from Democrats. Republicans enjoy eating their own when they don’t get their way. I’ve even seen it on the local level. Kasich’s integrity and honesty have to be questioned. Remember, when he was running for president in about the 10th or 11th position, he agreed to support whichever candidate won the nomination of his party. Now he not only refuses to endorse Trump, making him look like a chump, but will not attend the national convention that has brought millions of dollars and countless jobs to his state. Add Illinois Sen. Mark Kirk to that list of political chumps. Kirk is known as a self-promoting politician and has double-crossed his party leadership more than once. He’s already in trouble with his re-election battle with Democrat Tammy Duckworth. Mark here. Kirk will lose in a race that will not even be close in November. Goodbye Mark Kirk.


Thanks to people like Mayor Jim Ardis, Peoria County officeholders Jerry Brady and Mike McCoy and federal officials, we’re learning about a heroin epidemic in the Peoria area. McCoy and Brady recently appeared on our morning show to announce two public forums that were held at Northwoods Community Church and St. Paul Baptist Church. Peoria police chief Jerry Mitchell was there as well detailing the health threat. The hour and a half program was mind-boggling as it revealed how heroin can be literally addictive with the first “injection.” And heroin addicts touch every demographic in society from teenagers to older farmers. Sadly, much of the heroin comes from Chicago. That city pollutes our river and now they’re polluting our residents. We’re thankful that officials in our area have taken a proactive position to combat this growing epidemic.


Veteran radio announcer Lee Malcolm is no longer working mornings on WIRL. Malcolm, “owner” of one of the great voices on local radio, has been stricken with a health challenge that he says is taking far too long to overcome. Talking with him recently by phone, he said his recovery has been slow and he’s unsure about his future in broadcasting. Our hope is he’ll return with his robust voice and broadcasting talent. We have room for Lee on our morning show with which he was once a part. At that time he got paid, so that might prevent his return since we all are volunteers on “Breakfast with Roger and (Unpaid) Friends.”

Former teacher, coach, and union president Terry Knapp, is a frequent guest on WAZU FM 90.7. Knapp is a critic of the Quest Academy and reminded listeners that officials of the charter school have strong connections with Turkey. For three straight years, he said, the school sent students to that troubled country. Knapp said he confronted Quest supporter Glen Barton about why the students were always going to Turkey. Barton allegedly retorted, “Well, where would you send them?” Knapp’s reply, “It wouldn’t be Turkey.” Thank goodness no Quest students were in Turkey during the recent uprising. However, the question remains for Barton and Quest officials, “Why are they going to Turkey?”


“If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember

anything.” —Mark Twain

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