Unjustly denied adequate medical care

Thank you for the article “Healthcare in prison: ’Nonexistent’” (July, Community Word) about the lack of healthcare Cleve Heidelberg and I received in prison. We were both wrongly convicted and both of us were released following reviews of our cases. But during the decades we were in prison, we received inadequate healthcare that resulted in chronic health problems. While I think the comments by the Prison Policy Initiative are of value, it’s a little misleading to feel full transparency and communication are needed for independent researchers to assess whether a policy calling for adequate healthcare is enforced or not. Just look at the millions of grievances that have been filed throughout the years and the massive number of lawsuits regarding this matter. That should be enough to conclude there is a problem with the prison healthcare system.

Alstory Simon, Cleveland

Should taxpayers be forced to pay for runoff problems from poor planning and development?

That gully in Forest Park (July, Community Word, “Deep canyon from ‘upstream’ development”) is another example of the depredations that occur on watersheds along the Illinois River resulting from runoff from development, or occurring naturally due to changes in the surrounding landscape. Mike Miller makes some very important points in order to promote stabilization and protect soil. A lot of work has to be done with plantings and other techniques to help restore the water-holding capacity of this remarkable ecosystem. The Peoria Park District is on the right track, but it’s a huge challenge.

Dale Goodner, Algoma, Wis.

Leunig’s museum piece amazing

The Peoria Riverfront Museum’s display “Illuminations, Light in Art,” is fascinating, with explanations of how light works, then a lovely room of light in art.

The volcano piece by Doug and Eileen Leunig is one of the most interesting pieces in the exhibit. They use light in a work of art to show a volcano’s eruption. Amazing.

My 15-year-old granddaughter and I enjoyed both the science and art of the display. Don’t miss it.

Elaine Hopkins, Peoria

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