Letter to the Editor | Study Art: Learn Empathy, Sensitivity, Tolerance, Critical Thinking

In his May 2018 article titled “Inland Art | Collecting Contemporary Art,” Paul Krainak so thoughtfully reminds us that by taking the time to embrace and inform ourselves with art we reap the benefits of a significant carry over when as he says “The more you learn about art the more confident you’ll be about anything in your world that demands an educated eye and that’s just about everything.”

Krainak’s statement is a vital call to attention, and it is worth mentioning that we gain not only confidence and an educated eye when we open ourselves to experiencing art, but the impact to our personhood is tremendous. Exposure to art has the proven ability to teach us empathy, sensitivity, tolerance, and has been found to enhance critical thinking skills.

I would implore all of us to not only take time for art appreciation for our own self-improvement and life enrichment, but it is imperative that we invest in programs and opportunities that provide these same experiences and advantages for younger generations.

Erin Buczynski
Director of Galleries, Exhibitions and Collections
Bradley University

1 comment for “Letter to the Editor | Study Art: Learn Empathy, Sensitivity, Tolerance, Critical Thinking

  1. Paul Krainak
    June 1, 2018 at 9:24 am

    Erin, Thank you for your eloquent response to my comments on collecting and being inquisitive about art. It’s unfortunate that there is such distance between popular culture and fine art. Many disciplines contain vital, introspective experiences that are aesthetic and inspirational. Art ought to be about enhancing those moments in our daily lives as much as shining a light on individual talents.

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