Letter to the Editor | Supreme Court tilts from justice

The Senate’s recent confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court likely means curtains for reproductive rights, environmental protection, union membership, voting rights, public education, medical coverage, even LGBTQ rights, as cases involving these issues work their way through the courts.

It’s ironic that working people in the United States continue to support Trump and Kavanaugh, an upper class frat-rat, a son of privilege who never had to sweat paying a bill on time.

The issues Kavanaugh will vote on may destroy or drastically affect their lives, yet they don’t seem to connect the dots.

Kavanaugh is such a flawed personality that who knows what will happen. Accounts of friends and acquaintances revealed he once drank until he blacked out, attacked women and even got into a bar fight.

The Senators didn’t believe the women, though the abuse victims of the Catholic Church have been believed without “proof.”

Has Kavanaugh changed from the wild youth that he lied about by denying? Or is he leading a secret life, using his privileges to quash any accusers or public information about him?

Secret lives are common among politicians and celebrities who otherwise seem much beloved by their friends. Remember Denny Hastert, Larry Craig, Bill Cosby, even Aaron Schock?

Elaine Hopkins, Peoria

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