Letter to the Editor | Stop excessive taxation!

It seems like the Peoria city leaders are always coming up with new ways to hit us with more and more taxes. First came the sewer tax, then the landlord tax plus another additional tax on every apartment in Peoria. Next came the garbage tax (called “drainage” on the property tax bill. Last summer the rainfall tax (based on the square footage of property) in some so-called “utility.”

Now there is discussion of the “public safety pension tax” on every property located in Peoria.

All these taxes are in ADDITION to the already exorbitant property tax bills we see here in Peoria.

The last one regarding the pension fund really takes the cake. Why should the citizenry be forced to pay for the retirement expenses of city workers? Why did they not save money during their working time? No wonder people are disgusted with this situation. It has been said that up to 7 percent of the Peoria population has left the city.

It looks like the landlord (oops, I mean the city) is getting more and more greedy and is raising the rent (oops, I mean taxes) on us tenants (oops, I mean Peoria citizens). If us serfs (citizens) refuse to pay these rents (taxes), the landlord (city government) will evict (via tax sale) us from our homes and we will be on the street. Hey, maybe we can make our own caravan when we all get fed up and leave this place!

Dennis M. Kallvy, Peoria

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  1. Cheryl Knox
    December 30, 2018 at 11:33 am

    You can’t grow a city on the backs of the people who already live and work there. You need to hit the road and court new businesses to invest here. Businesses that are forward looking. Why can’t we get a solar panel manufacturer or wind energy manufacturer to invest here? I don’t know that we’ve even tried. It’s new investment that will pull us up. Increasing taxes may help, but it’s not sustainable. As more people leave to find good jobs, you have to keep adding to the tax burden for the ones who stay. We are already all in.

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