Lynching victims in Central Illinois


The Equal Justice Initiative documented 56 racial terror lynchings in Illinois, the third highest number among states outside the South. Listed here are some of the lynchings in Central Illinois.

  • Andrew Richards, 9/11/1877, Winchester, Scott County
  • Nelson Howard, 7/6/1883, Mound City, Pulaski County
  • Alonzo Holly, 2/14/1888, Pinckneyville, Perry County
  • Sam Bush, 6/3/1893, Decatur, Macon County
  • George Stewart, also referred to as S.W. Stewart or F.W. Steward, 11/7/1898, near Lacon, Marshall County
  • Unknown, 3/27/1903, Union County
  • Unknown, 4/26/1903, New Thebes, Alexander County
  • Scott Burton, 8/15/1908, Springfield, Sangamon County
  • William Donegan 8/15/1908, Springfield, Sangamon County
  • William “Froggie” James, 11/11/1909, Cairo, Alexander County
  • Unknown, 9/12/1913, Tamms, Alexander County
  • Unknowns, at least 40, possibly as many as 200, July 1-3, 1917, the East St. Louis race riots, St. Clair County
  • William Bell, 10/8/1924, Chicago, Cook County
  • Pvt. Hollie (or Hallery in some accounts) Willis, 11/8/1943, near Lewistown, Fulton County

Sources: Equal Justice Initiative and “Lynching Beyond Dixie,” by Michael Pfeifer

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