Letter to the Editor | The CAFO loophole

A CAFO (concentrated animal feeding operation) is threatening the entire town of Princeville, and politicians are helpless to stop it. That’s because of a sneaky loophole in the law. Nearby county boards have recently approved resolutions opposing proposed CAFOs in their areas until regulations are strengthened.

The 2,480-head swine CAFO proposed for one mile southwest of the Village of Princeville falls into the loophole of the law. The project is just a few swine short of triggering state regulation.

This CAFO can more than double in size every two years without having to abide by greater regulation. This strategy is being used more and more. There are hundreds of large CAFOs in Illinois, and most are never required to submit their waste management plans for review and approval prior to construction.

CAFOs across the state are responsible for toxic emissions, manure spills, fish kills, decreased quality of life, nuisance, public health threats and road damages in rural communities. Citizens are vulnerable to the spread of antibiotic resistant pathogens (superbugs) in water, air and even inside their homes as research has discovered resistant staphylococcus and fungi inside homes downwind from swine CAFOs.

That’s what Princeville will face if this CAFO is built. The regulations need to be strengthened to protect the public and the environment.

Elaine Hopkins, Peoria

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  1. Dick Swanson
    February 28, 2019 at 10:49 am

    …you’re fighting a very big industry…you will get little help from the EPA…and less from your DNR…and your local elected officials do not have the “STONES” for this fight…! This leave you the citizens and your LAWYER..! Perhaps a local ordinance could be put in place…with local support and outcry…but…it will come down to the…MONEY..! These large animals factories will get the permits for new animals…new wells…whenever they ask…what they do not have is…ENOUGH LAND FOR SPREADING THEIR SHIT..! If you just said NO to renting your land for spreading liquid manure…your County would begin the healing process the next day..! Another thing you could pass at local level is a ordinance that would limit the amount of manure…time of spreading…and depth of soil needed for a safe application…depth to GROUNDWATER AND BEDROCK..!! It is the water that moves the chemicals and pathogens into your water…depth to water is very important..! Remember those manure lagoons all leak…do the Math on that one and it will scare you..!

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