Letter to the Editor | What does Pro-Life mean to you?

If it only means saving embryos and fetuses then we need to have a talk; a real, no holds, honest to God, talk.

Reducing the number of abortions is simpler if you are really ready to be Pro-Life. But here’s the thing about the Pro-Life movement, it isn’t pro-anything. It is anti-abortion and it ends there. Period.

Now, if you want to join me on my Pro-Choice stance that will lower the number of abortions while empowering women then let’s do this! Here’s a list of things you should support not only with your voice but with you taxes:

Universal or affordable healthcare, sex education earlier than high school, more funding for schools especially in low income counties, free birth control, free or reduced childcare, affordable housing, equal pay for women, a living wage, and on and on. Let’s create a world where there are very few abortions not because they are illegal but because we have built the infrastructure that makes them unnecessary.

Do you see how we can EMPOWER women with the knowledge and tools to succeed at raising a child when they are ready or prevent an unwanted pregnancy in the first place?

But this current government doesn’t want to empower women. What they want is living incubators to create the next generation of working class citizens, prison inmates (hey, prison is big business), and soldiers (as is war).

Wealthy women will always have access to safe abortions. Everyone else, get that coat hanger out and pray that you live. Is this really the world you want? Not me. I am furious. I want to scream. Women are still fighting for equality and now you take us back to 1972. I don’t think so. Not today, sir. Nope.

Furthermore, do not ever impose your religious beliefs on anyone else. Don’t put your religion in our politics and laws. That’s the guise that’s being used to ban abortion right?

Many of us don’t hold your religious beliefs and you can’t force us to. It can’t possibly be science at play here. Science knows cells. You want women to die over cells growing in their uterus. Who’s going to create the next generation for you if all the women are imprisoned or dead? Nice logic Republicans.

Lastly, if you want to call yourself Pro-Life then do something about the children dying every single week in this country by gun violence in schools. Do those children matter less than an embryo? I’m tired of sending my children to school everyday wondering if it will be the last time I say goodbye to them. If you are Pro-Life, protect all life! Protect the planet NOW so that life can continue.

You can do so many things that don’t include taking away a woman’s autonomy to her body in order to be Pro-Life. Maybe if you all start getting on the real Pro-Life train then I can join you. That’s the world I want for my daughters. Until then, I will march, I will speak out loudly, and I will stand by every woman in whatever decisions they make in regards to THEIR OWN body.

WARNING: This is not just about a handful of states. This is a full on attack of Roe v Wade and women’s rights. This is about criminalizing women and making us lesser than. This is about taking away our power. Pay attention as this affects all of us with a uterus.

We can do many things to create a nation where every life is sacred, all people are equal and valued, and everyone can thrive; but banning abortion is not one of them.

Jeni Crusen, Farmington

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