Letter to the Editor | Abortion access problem-solving

The sudden closing of the Whole Woman’s Health clinic in Peoria is a loss for the community and a loss for Illinois. We know this is undoubtedly resulting in many women feeling they are without access to abortion services.

My organization, Midwest Access Coalition (MAC), assists people in all points in their abortion care jourAneys. I hope that in the coming weeks and months that MAC assists more of those who call the Peoria area home.

We envision a world in which all people have access to safe, free, legal abortions wherever they live. A nonprofit operating on a small budget, we have over 100 active volunteers who help provide safe lodging and transportation. MAC defrays costs of public transportation, gas, food, medication and childcare while offering a warm and unapologetically pro-choice voice and ear on the phone.

If you are seeking abortion services, you will likely face a number of hurdles. We want to unburden your journey and help you overcome challenges – no matter where you live.

For abortion access assistance, email support@midwestaccesscoalition.org or call 847-750-6224. For more information, please contact info@midwestaccesscoalition.org.

Because abortion access = love,
Leah Greenblum, Founder, Midwest Access Coalition

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