Real Talk | Searching for little messiahs



How can we see through the lies of others when we are longing for the truth?

The way our mind is set up, we look for others to lead us to the truth. This path for truth comes in different forms either through religion or politics. Some may believe that it comes by following Jesus, or Muhammad or a shaman. Some believe truth comes through politics from Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Obama, or now Trump.

As individuals, we look to be guided by someone or something that aligns with our own fears or values. We often don’t want to see the truth as the truth reminds us of a harsh reality that we are all born to serve a purpose.

As I reflect on my own life, I wonder what messiah have I sought out. Did I entrust my values and confidence in someone who manipulated my ideologies and lead me to an unwavering lie that felt like the truth.

Just as through communion and baptism, I have blindly believed and trusted in an infrastructure that was designed for me to trust it.

This continues as I align those same thoughts and values with a lack of trust that is betrayed by lies I don’t really want to see.

As a devout Catholic, I denied that abuse existed in the Catholic Church and that women in Christianity were equal. I denied that judging people because of their sexuality is what Jesus would have done.

What if in the crazy world of destruction, one could find mere beauty? In the midst of chaos, there’s a sense of calmness that overtakes us to redirect our attention from what chaos really is and what it feels and looks like. We live in a society where destruction of others, humanity, morals and political climate is as tense as it has ever been. Hatred for others is no longer masked but celebrated with its awakening of being great again. Wounds of segregation and separation are being reopened.

But reflection on what we as a society have done to get to this point should be the question.

Have we sought a path so different that we have created monsters to justify our quest. When we offend with no accountability, when we use bullying tactics to harm others and view them as weak when they speak up –– do we justify that as part of the journey toward truth? Do we justify inflaming racism and all isms to bolster our actions?

But perhaps there’s beauty in the ashes right now. While it appears that the foundation is being destroyed by the irresponsible use of gasoline and matches by humans who love to be pyromaniacs, when the smoke clears, what will be standing?

Today I see individuals worship our president as a messiah, and although I have aligned myself with desiring a messiah to lead me, I now understand the harm that stems from not learning for oneself the backstory. It’s easier to look for in others what is hard to see in ourselves. Today the reflection is causing harm to others. I now realize that we all play a role in where we want to be led.

I hope this time as we seek a messiah we realize the consequences of who’s leading us.

Food for thought keeping it real.

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