Real Talk | How I’m managing “sheltering in place”

Real Talk


The experience of sheltering in place for someone living alone is different than it is for those who live with a spouse, significant other and/or children. Without distractions you do one of two things; you worry excessively or you pray more. Reaching out to family and friends via FaceTime, chat lines and other social media has been a lifeline. None of us has experienced this type of isolation and world-wide pandemic.

I quickly realized that there is value in having a routine and doing things in moderation. Establishing a normal sleep pattern is important, managing how much and when you eat and limiting snacking is critical. Adding some sort of exercise regime is a must. For me a Yoga for Seniors Video on YouTube has been working. Turning off the TV and limiting the amount of COVID-19 news I ingest daily was the most important thing I discovered I had to do.

I completed my Census 2020 online, I’m almost ready to file my 2019 taxes and for the first time in a dozen years I’m cleaning my own house (the one thing that makes me really sad.) I now have the opportunity to finish the dozens of books that I’ve started or that remain unread in my arsenal of books. After over a year, I finally finished Michelle Obama’s memoir. Always an avid reader, I am delighted to be able to read at leisure again.

After being introduced to NPR’s “Tiny Desk Concerts,” I attend a concert everyday via YouTube. I also figured out how to connect YouTube to my smarter than me TV, so I can view the concerts on a big screen. The world of Netflix is like a new frontier. I’ve connected with Miles Davis, Madam CJ Walker, Malcolm X and so many more these past few weeks.

While I am sitting in the safety and sanctuary of my home, I can’t help but worry about those who do not have this privilege –– the thousands of first responders who risk their lives daily when they leave their homes, those who work in essential service jobs and the multitude of people who are homeless during this terrifying time.

While some people say this pandemic is the results of an angry God, that is not my understanding or experience with God. I see the goodness of God in the hearts and actions of people. I am comforted in knowing that there are people all around the world working day and night to come up with a vaccine to combat this virus.

I see the goodness of God and the best of humanity on display as government leaders work tirelessly to ensure that their communities have the resources needed to give their citizens a fighting chance for survival. I see the goodness of God in the people reaching out to make sure that their elderly family member and neighbor are okay. I see His goodness in the people who call or post on social media when they discover a place that has bread or toilet paper. I see Him in the people who make live music posts to encourage us and in the ones who share their prayers with us.

We don’t know how long we will be at this place. We don’t know how many lives will be lost to this horrific disease. What I do know to be true, that the Creator of heaven and earth is real. He has promised to never leave us or forsake us. As I continue to shelter in place, alone, but not really, I will continue to pray that this pandemic will be controlled. I will stay connected to family and friends. I will share my resources as I’m able. And I will trust and believe that better days are ahead.

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  1. Dee
    May 2, 2020 at 3:51 pm

    There is nothing more “real” than the goodness and mercy of God! Thanks for sharing.

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