Letter to the Editor | Vote YES to sell Heddington Oaks

Peoria County voters will see a referendum on their ballot Nov. 3 which will allow the Peoria County Board to sell vacant property, the former long-term care facility known as Heddington Oaks.

The decision to close Heddington Oaks was not made lightly. For the past four years, the Board has tried to address and solve the financial issues of our long-term care facility. It became apparent after all our hard work that it was just not obtainable. In April, the board voted unanimously to close the facility. All our residents have voluntarily been relocated to other long-term care facilities.

Voting Yes on the referendum allows Peoria County to sell the land and building and also makes sure the building does not remain vacant. Peoria County will seek to sell the property to an entity that gets the taxpayers the best value for the property, while being sensitive to the neighborhood.

Please vote “yes” to sell Heddington Oaks. If you have further questions or concerns on this referendum, please email referendum@peoriacounty.org or contact me.

Sharon K. Williams
Peoria County Board, District 1

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