Letter to the Editor | Vote YES for Kilbride

Please vote yes to retain Tom Kilbride as Illinois Supreme Court justice. Kilbride has a long, distinguished history of service on the court, protecting ordinary Illinois citizens. Kilbride has been endorsed by both Democrats and Republicans, even though big-donor Republicans are funding the opposition against him.

The opponents to Kilbride have come out swinging. Kilbride is enduring a smear campaign seeking to connect him with Democratic leader Mike Madigan, who also has been targeted by Republican smears and has not been convicted of anything. And Kilbride has no connection to Madigan.

He is accused of voting to stop the redistricting petitions last year, even though he was one of four justices who found the petition wording in error.

Some of the awards Kilbride has received include Judicial Award of Excellence by the Illinois State Crime Commission; Illinoisan of the Year from the Illinois News Broadcasting Association; Community Caring Conference Hall of Fame; Judge of the Year by the American Board of Trial Advocates.

He’s a past member of two labor unions, has been an attorney for several municipalities and was an attorney for 20 years representing ordinary workers.

The wealthy want him out, to be replaced by someone favorable to their issues. Don’t let this happen. Justice Kilbride deserves another term on the court.

Elaine Hopkins, Peoria

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