Letter to the Editor | Vote NO for Kilbride

More than in any other election in recent history, voters this fall will elect leaders whose decisions and actions will directly affect our lives. One may not realize the importance of another significant measure on our Nov. 3 ballot.

Illinois Supreme Court Justice Thomas Kilbride is seeking another 10-year term for the Illinois Third Judicial District. Justice Kilbride ignored the wishes of over 560,000 Illinois voters who signed a petition requesting a non-partisan commission of Democrats, Republicans and Independents to draw new and fair legislative maps following the 2020 census.

Justice Kilbride has voted NO to term limits, pension reform and the fair maps initiative to protect the power of “Public Official Number 1,” Mike Madigan.

Madigan and his cronies will spend millions of dollars in Judge Kilbride’s retention efforts. It’s time for a change. Vote NO to retain Judge Kilbride!

Bill Mahl, Peoria

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