Serendipity | Seven Grandchildren Greetings



Wishing each of you a very Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with joy, happy moments and knowing you are loved and cherished by many, especially your Grammie!

As a child I was in love with Christmas. I understood and honored its religious significance while still believing, sometimes a bit tentatively, in the jolly man we called Santa Claus. He wasn’t a dominant belief, but I wasn’t taking any chances as there was concern if I didn’t believe, and it turned out he was who lots of people said he was, I would miss out on some excellent benefits. Discussing with my friends whether Santa was or wasn’t real isn’t something I remember doing. We didn’t have Elf on the Shelf back then, but I do remember visiting Santa at stores downtown. The jolly man played a part in my celebrations when I was young, but it was a minor part.

It’s probably difficult for you to imagine your grandparents as kids. You’ve only known us as older adults, the parents of your parents, but always remember, we once were your age. That’s why we sometimes feel qualified to give you advice, or at least share wisdom from our younger years. You know much more about technology than I will ever know, but your Papa and I can share wisdom about human nature or perhaps help you understand more about why sometimes people make the decisions they do. We can also share in your disappointments as we’ve been down that road of wishing things would turn out better or differently than they do.

If it were possible, we’d do our best to “fix” all the wrongs in your life. You would probably be appreciative at the moment, but eventually we’d be doing you a disservice. Unfortunately, life comes with hurts and disappointments that require wisdom and acceptance and ways of coping. We just can’t rid our lives of unpleasantries. We must learn coping skills, and that is difficult, but it’s essential and useful.

Always try to remember people make mistakes, and that includes parents, grandparents and friends. They’re likely not made intentionally to hurt you, but sometimes people choose options, not always the best ones, as a way of helping themselves feel better. It sounds rather complicated, and it is, requiring time to understand. You’ll think about these situations as you grow up, realizing sometimes you chose poorly, and you’ll do your best to make amends. Apologies are good, but it’s even better to think things through the first time and not make regrets necessary.

Having the seven of you in my life is a joy beyond measure. I know some of my rules seem silly to you and unnecessary, but they’ll be good experience for other people you meet, live with, or have to please. Someday you’ll think, “0h, so that’s why Grammie insisted we did this or didn’t do that.” Just remember to smile when you think about it.

You all have wonderful parents who have taught you well, and it would be a great privilege for me to meet your children, but that might not happen. Just always know how much you are loved and wished a happy and productive life. May all your Christmases be merry and bright!


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