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Art What Is It Good For


What can’t you live without that you rarely think about? The answer is water. We rarely give water any concern because it is something that works quite well being taken care of by professionals like Illinois American Water Company. When we are thirsty we go to the tap, twist the handle, and the efforts of hundreds of people and millions of dollars flow into our glasses magically. The act of caring about our water only exists when we have a problem and need to call a plumber.

It is time to change the way we look at water. It is time to change the way we think about water. It is time to respect, appreciate, and love water as the miracle it is. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that all things are ephemeral and should not be taken for granted.

All life on earth is connected through water. It is the one thing all life has in common and that all life shares. The fact that all things are connected is the beginning of understanding why we need to look at water differently. It is time to love, respect, and appreciate water for the miracle gift it is.

Water is a reflection of our world physically and metaphorically. Lao Tzu, the legendary writer of Tao Te Ching 2600 years ago used the metaphor of water to identify the characteristics of being good.

Supreme good is like water.
Water greatly benefits all things, without conflict.
It flows through places that people loathe.
Thereby it is close to the Way.
A good dwelling is on the ground.
A good mind is deep.
A good gift is kind.
A good word is sincere.
A good ruler is just.
A good worker is able.
A good deed is timely.
Where there is no conflict, there is no fault.

Water can teach us lessons if we are open to understanding deeply. The Sun Foundation has been teaching the art and science of water for over two decades through its Clean Water Celebration normally held at the Peoria Civic Center each spring. This year the event will be virtual. It is still in process of being built so it is too early to list all the videos being produced, but just like the in-person event, the virtual experience will be unique.

One unique experience is Eileen and I are offering attendees the chance to be the first recipients in the country to download a video water fountain for display on their own TV. Let’s bring awareness of water into the home rather than delegate it to the twist of the tap. Turn that big blank TV screen into art that flows and surprises giving families time to relax, reflect, and appreciate water. We are but two of the many artists and contributors of this year’s virtual Clean Water Celebration because so many of us believe by increasing knowledge in the community and schools about the importance of water conservation and preservation, we are helping establish the human right to clean water and a healthy environment. Keep your eyes open for news of the event and take a moment to learn about the art and science of the gift of water.

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