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List making, note taking, journaling, card sending, and frequent reading of profound sayings or devotions are enjoyable for me. List making has become an absolute necessity. I can sing multiple verses of songs from the ’60s, but if I need three items from the grocery store, I must write them down and remember to take the list with me or I’ll go home with various purchases, none of which were on my list. Note taking is essential if I want to remember suggestions or book recommendations or any important information. Often I eventually remember, as in days later, but that’s not efficient.

Journaling I discovered through difficult situations in my life. Sometimes people think keeping a journal is only for use if one is going through counseling or has suffered an incredible tragedy. Those are two instances one might journal, but it can also be done to sort out various details or challenges in life. Card sending just comes naturally to me. I love receiving a note or card and given my pleasure from that, I feel motivated to gift someone else similarly. My collection of sayings and devotions or even one-liners often provides the wisdom I need to understand a hurtful situation or make a decision that is difficult, or have what Oprah Winfrey calls “a light bulb moment.” It’s true that it can seem as though someone turned on bright lights in an otherwise darkened room.

Inspiration sometimes takes time and concentration, even more so when the issues are blurred with possible choices.

What’s particularly rewarding, I think, is to have kept something initially just because, and much later realize it offers added wisdom for the current dilemma. For all of Facebook’s unpleasant aspects, it’s an excellent way to find quotes that are profound and productive. My satisfaction from discovering others have also gone looking for possible remedies and answers does not necessarily appeal to everyone, but it doesn’t have to as the world offers us a huge variety of choices and options.

Such emphasis on ways to problem solve or find solutions to make life easier isn’t to suggest life is so extremely difficult, though sometimes it is, but rather to help brighten days and years for ourselves and others. We don’t all like doing the same thing, and while journaling may be tedious and unpleasant for some, others find it therapeutic and enjoyable. Comparable to some folks enjoying running, sewing or cooking while others find any of those less than pleasant. We need to discover our contentment or solace, and perhaps share our findings with others without making our choices seem arbitrary.

March is a very fickle month with regard to weather and sometimes we need to discover tranquility within. If we wait until difficult times happen, we are likely to find ourselves minus helpful solutions. Discovering what helps to soothe sadness or disappointment requires time, and time may not be in our favor, so we need to know ourselves and plan accordingly. We can uncover inspiration in nature, a good book, a special day like spring’s arrival, conversations with loved ones or myriad other possibilities.

“Know Thyself” is timeless wisdom, and such knowledge helps life proceed more joyfully, even in dreary weather that seems to linger much too long.

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