In defense of the dandelion


It’s been called a lot of things: Priest’s Crown, Irish Daisy, Swine’s Snout, Milk Witch and Peasant’s Cloak, to name a few. But regardless of its name, the dandelion is a plant almost everyone knows. This alone makes it special.…

‘Parody’ my @##


The big joke locally and nationally isn’t about Mayor Jim Ardis or Peoria police, but about the PJS clowns climbing out of the little circus car yelling, “parody,” “parody,” to laughter under the big top. They reminded me of Mayberry’s…

Great job


Everyone associated with “Change 150” is to be commended and congratulated for the upset victory by Sue Wolstenholm for District 3 of the Peoria School District. She defeated Laura Petelle by a stunning 70 to 30 percent even though she withdrew from the…

By any other name


Many Peorians will remember the names, “Uncle Bob and Aunt Billy.” Bob and Sybil Prager were naturalists at Forest Park Nature Center over four decades ago. Bob was a pioneer in restoring some of the beautiful, though little known, flora native to Central Illinois, from the fragile snow trillium, to shooting star, to the eight foot tall big bluestem grass. The clearing where the Nature Center’s “Deer Run Trail” meets “Valley Trail,” is actually an amazingly diverse prairie planting, that was meticulously planted and weeded by Bob, Sybil, and a small cadre of volunteers.

Teaching through example


Flipping through newspapers or watching televised news reports gives credence to the fact that tragedies and disturbing situations are part of the human condition. Often less publicized, but deserving attention, are numerous stories of people caring for each other, sometimes…