2010 Prairie Mills Windmill Follies, Golden, Illinois

Join us for an annual Golden tradition! This year the Windmill Follies Dinner features a three-course roast beef dinner between acts of a live comedy performance featuring local talent. Great food, great fun! This is an ideal outing for church or other social groups.

PERFORMANCE SCHEDULE: There are five performances over three weekends:
March 13, March 19, March 20, March 26, and March 27
The doors open at 5:45 p.m. and the play starts at 6:30 p.m.

COST: $25 per person, paid in advance to the mailing address shown below.

RESERVATIONS: Advance reservations required. To reserve your seat, contact Norma Beckett at 217-696-4678, by e-mail: becketjn@adams.net or by mail to the following address: Windmill Follies, c/o Norma Beckett, PO Box 178, Golden, IL. 62339-0178

This year’s feature: Natalie Needs a Nightie, By Neil and Caroline Shaffner

In an apartment house Tommy Briggs has his mail, calls, and visitors frequently misdirected to a girl’s apartment whose pen name is also Tommy Briggs. Tommy’s boss expects his young executives to be married so he tries to have someone pose as his wife. The trouble is, he ends up with too many “wives.”

Then as he got a big bonus on the strength of a new “baby” he has to produce one for the boss. Again, there’s too many, including one not of his race.

Adding to this confusion is a compulsive chambermaid who snitches drinks and takes all clothing found on a particular chair to the cleaners, including many vital articles such as the boss’s garments placed there while he is in the shower.

Neil and Caroline Shaffner are best known for writing over 100 “Toby Plays” featuring “Toby and Suzie.” These vaudeville troupes performed in rural communities in the Midwest and were wildly popular in the 1920s. The Shaffners also wrote “Right Bed, Wrong Husband” which was the Follies’ play for 2005.

Don’t miss this hilarious performance by local actors, along with good food and fellowship. See you there!

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