World Spay Day

Peoria County Animal Protection Services (PCAPS) will join animal shelters across the country in recognition of World Spay Day on February 28. World Spay Day is an annual event to promote spaying and neutering of pets. Six – eight million homeless cats and dogs enter shelters every year; PCAPS reminds people that this number can be drastically reduced if pet owners take the initiative to have their pets spayed or neutered.

In Peoria County , the animal shelter receives more than 5,000 pets in need of homes annually. Spaying and neutering provides a permanent, 100% effective method of birth control for cats, dogs, and rabbits. By spaying and neutering pets, we ensure those animals will not add offspring to the millions of homeless animals nationwide.

World Spay Day is an opportunity for every pet owner to have his or her pet(s) spayed or neutered, and local residents can be part of the solution by encouraging friends and family to have their pets spayed or neutered. If a Peoria County resident needs financial assistance for the spaying or neutering of his or her pet, please call PCAPS at 672-2440 for information about low-cost or free programs.

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