Illinois American Water’s Peoria District to Invest Approximately $1.75 Million in Water Service

Illinois American Water’s Peoria District plans to invest approximately $1.75 million to transfer customer water service to newer, larger water main. The investment includes transferring about 275 services to enhance and maintain water quality, water pressure and fire protection.

According to Chris Johnson, Senior Operations Manager for the Peoria District, “This project will ensure reliable water service as well as provide easier access to water infrastructure.”

A majority of the existing water services included in the project are located at the rear of customer property. Transferring the services to the newer, larger main located in front of customer property will help to decrease main breaks. The project will also help to eliminate inconvenience to customers and their property.

Illinois American Water’s main replacement program focuses on replacing mains where leaks occur, corrosion has caused damage or the size of the pipe isn’t sufficient. “The age of the pipes coupled with corrosion and sediment accumulation over the years makes main replacements and transferring services necessary,” said Johnson. “Illinois American Water continues to invest annually in its systems to ensure that local water quality and service continues to be as good as or better than local, state and federal quality standards.”

Once all service lines have been transferred to the new water main, the existing main will be disconnected and abandoned in place. Abandonment in place helps to avoid large scale disruption to customer back yards.

The U.S.EPA reports that the nation’s water utilities will need to make more than $335 billion in infrastructure investments over the next 20 years to ensure public health. These investments include replacing thousands of miles of pipe and upgrades to treatment plants, storage tanks and other assets. Illinois American Water’s investment in main replacement in the Peoria District is just another example of continuous investments and improvements being made, helping to meet the demands of today’s customers and planning for the future.

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