Look, It’s My Book!, a 501 c 3 non-profit that gives books to children in k-4th grades, was awarded $681 by the Community Foundation of Central Illinois to continue its mission to provide books to children in District 150. The Community Foundation of Central Illinois supports positive initiatives and innovative approaches to addressing the changing needs of the region.

In the four years since Look, It’s My Book! was founded, it has more than doubled its goal of adding a school a year. Look, It’s My Book! has more than two hundred volunteers in many different capacities. Look, It’s My Book! has given more than 40,000 books to more than 4,000 children and is now giving away 24,000 books a year. Look, It’s My book! pays an average of $2.50 a book and gets up to 80% discounts due to the poverty level of the district.

“Due to the poverty level within the School District, the majority of children in District 150 did not have a single book in their home until Look. It’s My Book!,” said Janet Roth, President of Look. It’s My Book! “Three different studies show books in the home correlate with reading readiness, reading ability, and there is even a carry over to math skills.”

Reading proficiency correlates with success in education, occupations, and community involvement. Books on a subject that children are interested in, and at their reading level, are the most important motivator for children to read. Look, It’s My Book! allows children to pick from a wide array of books at their grade level. The books are arranged by grade level but children can go up or down a level if it’s appropriate.

“Children who do not learn to read will not be able to find jobs in our economy,” added Roth. “It’s no surprise that 50% of the prisoners in federal, state, and local prisons are illiterate.”

Look. It’s My Book! is an all volunteer organization supported by donations from people and foundations that want to see children read to succeed.

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