City of Peoria Refuse Collection Fee Billing

City of Peoria residents began receiving their refuse collection bills today. This bill covers the cost of household garbage collection throughout the City.

Unfortunately, there was a printing error on the bill. The due date was incorrectly listed as December 21, 2012. The bill is not due until December 31, 2012. Additionally, the “delinquent date” of January 2, 2013 was also incorrect. The true delinquent date is January 10, 2013.

As of the October 31, 2012, Illinois American Water ended their practice of including the $13/month garbage fee on their monthly water bills. This has required the City to bill households directly through a processing service based in Decatur, IL.

The December bill covers the $13 for the month of November as well as a pro-rated amount for the portion of October not covered by Illinois American Water. For example, if a household’s water bill cycle goes from September 15 through October 14, they would have paid the $13 garbage fee for that period as part of their water bill. The portion of October 15 through October 31 (approximately $6.50) is included in the bill sent by the City. Starting in January, all bills will be for $13.

Residents have a number of options for paying:

· Pay by check. Checks are made payable to the City of Peoria, but mailed to a processing center in Decatur: PO Box 2577, Decatur, IL 62525-2577.
· Pay at City Hall. Residents can pay at the Treasurers’ Office on the first floor of City Hall (419 Fulton Street).
· Pay at an authorized payment location. These locations are listed on the back of the bill.

The City apologizes for any confusion caused by the incorrect billing date. Citizens with questions can call the City at (309) 494-2273 during normal business hours.

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