Native Peorian’s Dallas-Based, Discount Real Estate Brokerage Firm Likely to Change Peoria Market

DISCOUNT-REALTOR® Now Offering Discounted Listing Services and Buyer Rebates in the Peoria Area

Peoria, IL – April 11, 2013 – Peoria-area home sellers no longer need to choose between paying local, full-service real estate commissions that are oftentimes as high as 7.0% or trying to sell their homes themselves. Native Peorian, Jack Baugh, and his wife, Leslie, recently launched their Dallas/Ft. Worth-based real estate brokerage firm, DISCOUNT-REALTOR®, in the Peoria area, offering Peorians full-service real estate services with listing fees for sellers as low as 4% – and sometimes less – and rebates up to 1% of the sales price for buyers they represent. These offerings can enable many local area consumers to pocket thousands of dollars when they sell and/or buy a home.

With many consumers now using the Internet to research sales statistics and current homes for sale, the number of real estate agents nationwide who discount their listing commissions and/or share their buyer representation commissions with their clients is growing. According to MSN Real Estate, real estate commissions have fallen nationwide to an average of 5.1%. With many Peoria-area home owners and builders complaining about local real estate commissions that remain as high as 7.0%, the combination of full service, discounted commissions, and buyer rebates offered by DISCOUNT-REALTOR® is expected to change the local market by creating downward pressure on Peoria real estate commissions.

DISCOUNT-REALTOR® recently started offering its full-service listing services in the Peoria area for as low as 4% of a home’s sales price – and sometimes less – if the anticipated time on market, sales price, and market conditions appear to support a lower commission. In addition to helping Peoria-area home sellers retain more of their equity, DISCOUNT-REALTOR® also helps put more money in the pockets of home buyers they represent by rebating to them up to 1% of the sales price of the homes they buy. And, if Peorians combine the discounted listing services and buyer rebates offered by DISCOUNT-REALTOR®, the cost of switching homes within the Peoria area can be further reduced. More details are available online at

Company founder, Jack Baugh, said, “As a Peoria native, I am proud to be living in the Peoria area again and to be able to bring to Peoria the popular, consumer-friendly, big-market real estate services that DISCOUNT-REALTOR® offers. The Peoria market seems to be long overdue for progressive real estate services that sellers and buyers want most – full service, low listing fees, and buyer rebates. I look forward to helping modernize the Peoria-area real estate market and putting more money in consumers’ pockets when they sell and/or buy a home.”

Baugh is a graduate of Morton High School and Illinois Central College. Prior to founding DISCOUNT-REALTOR® in 1999, Baugh pioneered discount real estate brokering while working at one of the top real estate firms in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Baugh’s wife, Leslie, is a Texas-licensed real estate agent and is the Illinois Managing Broker for DISCOUNT-REALTOR®. The Baughs currently reside in East Peoria.

Since 1999, DISCOUNT-REALTOR® has been providing discounted, full-service real estate listing services for home sellers and rebates up to 1% for home buyers. DISCOUNT-REALTOR® has agents and brokers across the country who are part of the DISCOUNT-REALTOR® network. More information is available at

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