City Encourages Residents to Sign Up for Nextdoor

Peoria, IL – The City of Peoria is encouraging residents to sign up for Nextdoor, a free neighborhood networking site that allows neighbors to connect on issues ranging from lost dogs and break-ins to neighborhood social events. Nextdoor is partnered with cities across the Country to encourage communication that can lead to improved neighborhood relations and overall safety. Over twenty neighborhoods within Peoria are already established on the Nextdoor site. A short video which details the benefits of Nextdoor can be viewed at the following link:

Nextdoor was created to ensure private communication within a neighborhood. All members must verify their addresses, and all information shared on the site is accessible only to verified members of that neighborhood. Nextdoor does not share information with any third parties.

Residents interested in signing up can visit to create an account. Many neighborhoods across the City have already been mapped. If a neighborhood has not yet been created, interested parties can suggest boundaries for new neighborhoods. Any questions can be directed to Kate Green in the City Manager’s Office at (309) 494-8555, or to Nextdoor at

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