Peoria – You think YOUR Saturday, June 24th will be busy? You might just want to take a look at Jeff

Heft’s calendar. That’s the day Heft’s charity, His Helping Hands, will be completing 15 wheelchair

ramps on the houses of the same number of low-income homeowners with disabilities.

Now in the 5th year of the Ready to Roll initiative, this time around marks a 50% increase. “Last year,

we did 10 ramps in one day and this year, we are working with volunteers to complete 15,” said Jeff

Heft, CEO of His Helping Hands. Low-income homeowners with disabilities apply for the program

through His Helping Hands or any one of many referral agencies.

Wheelchair ramps are not all that His Helping Hands does. In 2017, the Peoria charity expects to

complete more than 50 projects to help veterans, seniors, single moms and persons with disabilities.

Accessibility upgrades, weatherization jobs, needed repairs and ramps make up the core of what they

do. Homeowners pay nothing.

His Helping Hands completes projects in the Peoria-area, year-round. It is an all-volunteer

organization. Its CEO, Jeff Heft does not take a salary. For more information, visit their website at

Ready to Roll is a partnership between His Helping Hands, Advocates for Access, the Peoria Area

Association of Realtors, and hundreds of area volunteers.


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