2017 Downstate Story Features Illinois and Midwest Writers


Ten new short stories by Illinois and Midwestern writers are featured in the 2017 edition of Downstate Story, Peoria’s only literary magazine for fiction. Downstate Story is now published only on the Web at www.downstatestory.com

The writers in this issue are Pepper Bauer of Mapleton, IL; Jim Courter of Macomb, IL; Dennis Shannon of Morton, IL; Loren Logsdon of Eureka, IL; Margaret Lisle of Lisle, IL; Marie Anderson of LaGrange, IL Grace Kuikman of Chicago, IL; Don Mauer of Fontata, WI; Alyssa Murphy of Lawrenceburg, IN; and Paul Bowman of New Albany, IN.

Most of these outstanding writers have long lists of publications in other literary magazines, and some have authored books.

Published by Downstate Story, Inc., an Illinois not-for-profit corporation, the annual publication aims to present original fiction by Illinois writers and writers with ties to Illinois and the Midwest as a quality alternative to today’s mass-market publishing.

For this Web edition, readers are asked for donations to help defray publishing costs. All writers are paid for their work.

Downstate Story’s Facebook page can be accessed at www.Facebook.com/downstatestory



  1. Politically correct. Contributors paid for their work. No government funds used.


  1. Something for everyone. Stories reflect diversity of authors, and include romance, horror, fantasy, sci-fi, mainstream fiction.


  1. Promotes quality reading. Content realistic but not X-rated.


  1. Promotes Illinois and Midwestern writers.


  1. Unusual concept for the arts. Provides outlet for local writers and artists to reach

local audiences free.


6.Original work. None ever published before.


  1. Quality work. Stories and art comparable to work in Harpers, Atlantic, The New Yorker and top literary magazines.


  1. No poetry.


  1. No advertising.


  1. Unique experiment in publishing, asking for donations instead of fee.



Pepper Bauer, pepperbauer@att.net

Marie Anderson, baseballfamily5.2@sbcglobal.net

Jim Courter, JE-Courter@wiu.edu

Loren Logsdon, fldhand@mtco.com

Dennis Shannon, DenShnnn@aol.com

Margaret Lisle, mmlwel@comcast.net

Grace Kuikman, gkuikman@gmail.com

Alyssa Murphy, nyxierose@mail.com

Don Mauer, walldv@genevaonline.com

Paul Bowman, j.hubler@insightbb.com

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