• For immediate release
    A meeting to craft strategy to save Peoria Public Radio from vanishing has been
    scheduled for 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, January 5, at Lakeview Library, 1137 W.
    Lake Ave., Peoria. Concerned citizens are convening the meeting and the public is
    According to news media reports, Bradley University plans to merge Peoria Public
    Radio, its NPR station, WCBU-FM, with the NPR station in Bloomington/Normal
    operated by Illinois State University. Peoria likely would lose local news and
    cultural coverage enjoyed by the city for 48 years.
    Peoria Public Radio over the years has received millions of dollars in public
    support from its listeners, said to number 30,000 today. It broadcasts classical
    music and local news and national talk shows. It also has a broadcast channel for
    the visually impaired. It broadcasts the Peoria City Council meetings and local
    musical concerts. All of this would be in jeopardy with a merger.
    In a secretive procedure, Bradley University officials reportedly have decided to
    send the station to ISU without any consultation with those who have supported
    it for years. There are many unanswered questions about what is going on.
    The meeting will seek to find ways to keep Peoria Public Radio in Peoria, perhaps
    with another local not-for-profit organization, or to persuade Bradley officials to
    keep this station, which benefits the university as its best local outreach to the
    The public is urged to attend this important first step in saving Peoria Public Radio
    for Peoria.
    More information: Elaine Hopkins 309-231-5758.
    A Facebook page has been posted:
    271984940145370/?modal=admin_todo_tour or search “Save Peoria Public Radio”

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