Julius De Loatche Basketball Summer Camp Hopes to Go Year Round!

The Julius De Loatche Basketball Camp Incorporated was founded June 6, 1999. Julius was a beloved child, lost in a tragic fire at the family home on March 3, 1999. That same year, Julius’s Basketball Coach, Mr. Tommie Washington of Christ Lutherans School’s Fifth Grade Basketball Team, held a Basketball Camp in Julius’ name on his home court.

With the camp having over twenty-five participants both girls and boys, the event was nothing less than extraordinary. The overwhelming support and dedication provided by the coaches, families, friends, and participants made this a truly grand event. Given the success of the Camp, Mr. Washington, the De Loatche Family, and many supporters, decided to make this camp an annual event. Thus the Julius De Loatche Summber Basketball Camp was born.

In the spring of 2000, the De Loatche family met with Mr. Kenney Davies of the Leiter Group Law Firm; after a few short weeks, the Julius De Loatche Summer Basketball Camp’s articles of incorporation were approved making the organization a registered non-profit organization with 501 (c)(3) status.

Thanks to hard work and dedication put forth by the De Loatche Family, friends, concerned citizens, local businesses, and most importantly the parents and the children who participate in the camp, our efforts to increase childrens’ education, sportsmanship, and self-reflections will carry on.

This local children’s summer basketball camp offers children a safe FREE basketball in Peoria to help teach children life changing skills like good self esteem and sportsmanship. This nonprofit has helped local children for over eleven years and would now like to expand to helping children with year around improved health and wellness and academics.

That is why the children’s camp partnered with another established local business called Health and Harmony LLC (www.feelexcellent2.net) where their focus is your family’s health and wellness. Health and Harmony LLC is a certified Shaklee Distributor that offers top quality natural supplements, paraben-free skin care, and effective environmentally friendly cleaners.  This partnership offers the best for everyone – the consumer can purchase any or all health and wellness products from the basketball camp at www.bballcamp.myshaklee.com. In doing so, you can deduct up to 50% of your purchase price as a charitable contribution on your taxes plus you enjoy better health. Furthermore, since the profits go to the camp, you help the camp to help local children.

So, when was the last time the clerk at your local store asked you, ‘Don’t forget to deduct this on your taxes?’ Now you can.

For more information on the Summer Basketball Camp, please go to: bballcamp.myshaklee.com

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