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Hunger, Gleaning and Clarence

Clarence Johnson collects and weighs unsold produce at the close of the Old Capitol Farmers Market in Springfield each Saturday for Central Illinois Food Bank. The not-for-profit food bank then distributes the produce to 150 agencies in 21 counties. Volunteer Mary Ann McLean, left, helps Johnson tabulate the donations so farmers can take an enhanced tax deduction for their unsold produce. Congress approved an enhanced tax deduction in December 2015.

SPRINGFIELD – The ancient Biblical practice of gleaning fields after harvest to collect remnants of food for the hungry is spreading from fields to markets, and a newly enhanced federal tax benefit is incentivizing the practice for farmers. In the…



Women, Civil Rights, Income Inequality and Abortion The recent Supreme Court ruling in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt made no poetic sweeping affirmations that women have a basic human right to reproductive choice. However, the ruling did carefully calculate that…