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Clare Howard is the editor of the Community Word. She can be reached at

Editorial | Our neglected rivers

S.A. Shepler (c) Community Word 2018

When rivers are used as sloughs for waste, pollution, plastic and agricultural runoff, the damage is hazardous, ugly and demoralizing. In a call to action, Prairie Rivers Network is hosting the “Wild & Scenic Film Festival” at Peoria Riverfront Museum…

Food for justice

Dave Bishop

The infrastructure of American’s food system entrenches social and income inequality, devastates rural communities and inner cities, drives declining health and further empowers corporations and the politicians they support. Working in resistance to those trends are Dave Bishop, an organic…

Editorial | Weaponizing Free Speech

S.A. Shepler (c) Community Word, 2018

REUTERS PHOTO: Man standing at a Trump rally in a T-shirt with this printing: “Rope Tree Journalist Some assembly required” A woman and young girl stand nearby laughing. Since when did this become constitutionally protected free speech in the United…

Unlearning bias


It lasted just minutes, but it reverberated around the country as yet another example of racism in America. Closely following the unfolding story were long-time NAACP members Jean and Sam Polk. They watched national TV coverage and read newspapers ––…