Representative Jehan Gordon (D-Peoria) last week received the Illinois Downstate Caucus Education Advocate Award for the 96th General Assembly for her work in improving schools in the area.

“I am honored and humbled to receive this award. Ensuring that our children have a positive environment to enhance learning has been one of my top priorities. I want to thank the Downstate Caucus for recognizing the vital role quality education plays in the success of our community. As Representative of the 92nd district, I will continue working to improve our education system.”

Gordon believes that legislators need to invest in education so that children throughout the state of Illinois don’t fall through the cracks. She wants to make sure that schools outside of Chicago are properly funded and able to provide quality education to students.

“To prevent our schools from cutting teachers and programs, I will fight for a law that limits the amount of funding that goes to Chicago, guaranteeing more state funding for schools. The law that I propose would require more money be spent on classroom instruction and less on administration,” Gordon said.

This year, Gordon sponsored a bill that would improve the quality of Illinois’ after school programs, encouraging a positive environment to enhance learning. The lawmaker believes that providing a safe place that fosters child development and shields them from street gangs is a necessity.

She is also pushing for more parental involvement in schools, and a new law limiting school district administrative expenses. It would require 85% of revenue to be spent on educating kids and classroom expenses.

Before Gordon became State Representative, she was a member of the Pleasant Hill School Board, and she worked as a retention coordinator at Illinois Central College. Rep. John Bradley (D-Marion) and Frank Mautino (D-Spring Valley) presented Gordon with the award on Monday.

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