Zero Degrees of Separation’s Movement to a New Venue, Date & Time in September

Business changes with Peoria Theater: Independent Film and Event Center have caused the Zero Degrees of Separation Movie Group to move to a new venue. The group has shown films there regularly for four weeks, including showings of “Short Circuit”, “All the President’s Men,” “The Parallax View,” and “The World of Henry Orient” as their first showing. However, Luke McCann announced the end of Peoria Theater due to other reasons.

The ending of Peoria Theater has been disappointing to many as it was a great place to show a variety of films and the only independent cinema in the area. Our group wishes Luke McCann and Jay Goldberg best in their future endeavors and thanks for hosting their shows regularly at Peoria Theater, even if for a short amount of time.

The beginning efforts of the group started by Todd Nelson at Illinois Central College and shifting to Peoria Theater, which has made the group move to a possible new venue at Pekin Public Library. The group hosts movies that jump from one movie to the next based on an actor, director, or other artist credited in the film. Other suggested options are appreciated for venues in our process as we are open to any venue available that might be an option to us. The group urges contact if there is a venue that would be of a good fit with Zero Degrees of Separation.

The day and time of the movie showcase will be changed and anyone is welcome to attend. This group is trying to bring in more people, as they are just beginning the process of trying to gain more membership. The Illinois Central College format we used of showing a cartoon and a movie may come back into play at Pekin Public Library or wherever Zero Degrees chooses to host movies.

Zero Degrees of Separation is between showings once a week or every other week as started with showings at Peoria Theater. Group updates are located on Facebook on the Zero Degrees of Separation Movie Group and Community as found in the search listings. For more information, you contact someone through their group page or Stella Link, Todd Ernest Nelson, or Scott Jackson on Facebook.

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