Tazewell County Jaycees October Trunk-Or-Treat: Community Service for Families This Halloween

Tazewell County Jaycees Membership Trunk and Booth for Trunk or Treat

The Tazewell County Jaycees annual Trunk-Or-Treat event in Fondulac Plaza in East Peoria, Illinois was another hit this year with families living in the area wanting to celebrate Halloween with their children. Additionally, the Trunk-Or-Treat event showcases area businesses ability to give back this spooky season by giving children candy and other treats on October 31st from 4:00-6:00 pm.

The concept of Trunk-Or-Treat, as is done at churches and in various businesses, includes decorating a person’s car trunk and handing out candy for kids during the year. As a fun event, it captures the spirit of Halloween for kids who really enjoy dressing up and being involved in the festivities.

This year’s event was a big success with the Jaycees involvement including members: Levi Simpson, Lori Rowe, Heather Winemiller (2011 Illinois Jaycee Area 2 Vice-President), Adam Byerly (Treasurer for 2011-2012), Stella Link (Internal Vice-President for 2011-2012), and Scott Jackson, who has been involved with some Jaycees events since his involvement with November to Remember Wrestling/Live music show. The November to Remember show was cancelled for a few reasons this year and there may or may not be a possibility of another show in the future. Scott has been very supportive of what the Tazewell County group is doing and his help is appreciated.

The inclusion of the Tazewell County Jaycees, this year as well as every year, brings great feedback each year and appreciation for what the organization does. Trunk-Or-Treat gives children a positive spirit during the Halloween holiday. The Jaycees love giving kind comments to all the kids with great costumes who come through the Trunk-Or-Treat area in the Fondulac Plaza parking lot.

For more information on the Tazewell County Jaycees and their variety of events, contact them through their website: http://www.tazcojaycees.com or through their facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tazewell-County-Jaycees/117331355038508 The Tazewell County chapter thanks you for your involvement and be sure to check out the Trunk-Or-Treat event next year. Until then, join in our organization if you are in the Central Illinois area. We are always looking for new members to join and help us in supporting the community.

Scott Jackson and Stella Link at the Tazewell County Jaycees Trunk or Treat

Families gearing up for the Trunk-Or-Treat event at Fondulac Plaza

Heather Winemiller and Levi Simpson at the Trunk-Or-Treat event

Stella Link's decorated trunk at the Trunk-Or-Treat event in Fondulac Plaza

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