Locally Owned Ever Green Home Energy Consultants Offers Comprehensive Audit of your Energy System

With rising energy costs you might want to check into getting your home evaluated for energy efficient use. How about a comprehensive audit of your energy systems? Or, perhaps you just need certain areas of your energy system rather than a comprehensive energy audit.

According to Todd Abercrombie, a Certified Professional Energy Consultant and owner of Ever Green Home Energy, “certain problems may need to be investigated in a more comprehensive way, as all of the energy systems are interconnected.”

What about carbon monoxide in your home? Abercrombie explains that you often cannot detect the presence of carbon monoxide, unless you can smell it. But that doesn’t make you safe from succumbing to the gas. No level of gas leaks is acceptable. He further said that “Ameren will always ask you to leave the house if any gas leaks are detected.”

According to Abercrombie, “having a CO detector at every level may alert you to the presence of the gas, but it wont tell you the level of the CO in parts per million. The presence of this noxious, fatal gas at certain levels, can cause you to be sick.” The energy consultant at this point would probably suggest a comprehensive energy audit to see where the gas leaks are located. Even small gas leaks are not acceptable, as the can build up in the home.

When an energy consultant first comes, they first take a look at the exterior, to see if they can detect any obvious water flow deficiencies.

Then, once inside, he looks for obvious energy use deficiencies, such as lack of insulation. A utility use analysis shows the how the monthly bills are broken into costs of the various energy systems. There may be incentives from Ameren if you perform certain energy saving measures. When you use an energy audit, you know where specifically you need you need to direct your efforts. You don’t want to waste money on new furnaces, etc. if that doesn’t solve your problem of poor airflow or lack of insulation.

An energy audit covers areas such as safety from combustion appliances, air flow in the building, thermal comfort from insulation, proper ventilation, ongoing humidity control, water diversion from outside water flow systems and building air leakage.

A energy consultant such as Abercrombie, can utilize various technological tools to pinpoint energy deficiencies.

Once an energy audit is completed, the parties involved can sit down and decide what directions should be taken for safety and comfort measures.

For a home performance audit, contact Todd Abercrombie at 253-2242. The company’s website is at: www.evergreenhomeenergy.com.

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